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February 2, 1999





Thomas Scanlon, President

Manhattan College

3584 Manhattan College Parkway

Riverdale, NY 10471


Dear President Scanlon:


On behalf of the Central Labor Council and our more than 1.5 million members, we urge Manhattan College to act responsibly with regard to the actions of its cleaning sub-contractor, Sodexho Marriott Services.


It is shocking to learn that full time employees in one of New York City's leading educational Institutions cannot receive medical benefits. The college should not tolerate the existence of such treatment. We are not questioning the right of Manhattan College to sub-contract the cleaning of Its buildings. However, we are asking that both Manhattan College and Sodexho Marriott Services act responsibly, with a social conscience.


We request that you or a properly authorized representative of Manhattan College and Sodexho Marriott Services meet with us to discuss methods of settling this contract dispute.






C: Timothy Germany, Federal Mediator

Joel LeFevre, Secretary-Treasurer Local 840 IBT