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In an amazing demonstration of mastery over the laws of physics, Manhattan College via their Park Avenue Law Firms says the following:


"The people in question work at the site by virtue of their employment by Sodexho Marriott, and it is only Sodexho Marriott, which is answerable to them, and/or Local 840... The literature being distributed by your Union creates the mis-impression in the mind of anyone but an expert in labor law that Manhattan College is a party to this labor dispute... We simply ask that you respect the College's legal right to conduct its operations without becoming enmeshed in unrelated matters; and also that you respect the intelligence and integrity of the members of the Manhattan College community by providing accurate and truthful information"*


It would appear, therefore, that the College has conquered physics and divorced the cleaning of its real estate from its "operations". The people who wash the College's floors have no accessible health insurance, no pension and no Martin Luther King holiday. The people who wash the College's floors are "unrelated matters" over at Sodexho Marriott


The College is one of the leading Institutions in NYC teaching people about Social Responsibility. It does not want to become involved in "unrelated matters". The College and Marriott want us to respect the community's intelligence. We feel that our dignity is important too.


What do you think?


*Letter from MC Attorney Shelly Sanders Kehl- January 28, 1999




Members of Local 840 IBT AFL-CIO, 345 W. 44th St. NYC 10036


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